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Claiming effectively on your home insurance

We deal with all types of home insurance claims whether they are a result of external factors, accidental damage or burglary.

If you have become the unfortunate victim of a house fire, flood or storm damage then at Truman Associates we understand that the last thing you want is to deal with the stresses of making an insurance claim. Not only is there damage to your property that needs to be resolved, but often many people have to take time off work to deal with the incident and its consequences. Furthermore, in many cases with natural accidents, we know that your entire neighbourhood could be affected, so returning to normal can take a long time, which often means more cost and more hassle.

Many domestic insurance companies do not take all of these additional factors into their assessment of your claim, so it is important to have someone who understands all of the small print to take the stress out of understanding your home insurance policy on your own.

When Making Your Home Insurance Claim

Whether it is an accidental damage claim or coming home to find that there has been a burglary, these are the steps you should follow to ensure you get the most out of your home insurance claim:

  1. Contact an independent home insurance loss assessor such as Truman Associates to maximise your entitlement under the terms of your home insurance policy. This will ensure that you get expert representation right from the beginning of your claim.
  2. Regardless of whether you have recently read it or not, read the small print on your home insurance policy carefully to make sure you are aware of what is covered or not.
  3. Call your domestic insurance company to advise them that you are about to make a claim. It may be faster and more cost-effective to do this over the phone rather than filling in forms and faxing or posting them. Alternatively, if necessary you can have your home insurance assessor report your claim for you.
  4. It is in your best interest to make your home insurance claim as soon after the incident as possible as there may be a lot of paperwork to collate. This may include receipts, replacement estimates and repair costs. This way you will be fully advised on what you need rather than missing any important information vital to your claim. Furthermore, some insurance companies insist on you using their preferred suppliers for repairs and replacements so it is important to find this out before you begin to undertake the work.
  5. 5. If your loss is the result of criminal action, you should report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number as your claim will not be valid without it.

If you need to make a home insurance claim it is strongly recommended that you contact Truman Associates Insurance Claims Assessors as soon as possible.

Feel free call 0800 5421616 or contact us now to see how one of our private insurance loss assessors can help you today.


I know my business, Truman Associates know theirs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has suffered a theft from their business. Michael P, Croydon

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